Marathon and Half Marathon Information

Start location: Bloomfield Start Time: 9:20am

Certified course: Yes

Measured method: Run Canada

Course records: 2:32:28, Chris Brake, 2009 3:06:55, Elita Rahn, 2004

Year established: 2004

Package Pickup: Shirts can be picked up the week before with race #s at Alex Coffin's Fitness Shop. On Saturday, October 12, you can pick up your shirt with race #s from 9am until 2pm at the Rothesay Java Moose. It will then be moved to the Union Street Vitos from 5 until 7pm. On race day, there will still be pickup at the start line.

Course description: Starting in Bloomfield Ridge and proceeding along secondary road to Hampton and onto Rte 100, the course turns into Nauwigewauk Loop and back on hwy, then into Darlings Island Loop and back onto hwy, over Hammond River Bridge and right onto Hampton Rd and Gondola Pt. Arterial to Gondola Pt. and left onto Gondola Pt. Road to Rothesay Corner and the Rothesay Rd. The finish line is at the Bill McGuire Community Center in Rothesay. The half marathon finishes just past the Hammond River Bridge. The first half is very fast compared to the second half but the challenge of the second half is mainly the 5 miles between the halfway point and the Gondola Point Ferry Landing near the 28-29K mark. A bus takes half marathoners back to the start line if needed at 11:30am.

Course map:

Be sure to check out the elevations. As stated above, the most challenging part of the course is from the halfway point to the Gondola Point Ferry Terminal. The start is extremely fast and the finish is the most scenic. The perfect mix!!

Bus pickups in the morning start at 7am at Harbour Station and continue through with stops at the finish line at 7:30, Hammond River at 7:45 and the Hampton Irving Oil Station at 8am bringing runners to the start line. A bus will pick up runners at Hammond River to take back to the start line at 11:30am and again at noon.


The 3 mile of the marathon course is the first transition area for the relay and also the first water station. This is located between the two ends of the O'Dell Loop.

The second water stop and transition area for the relay is found at the 10K mark by the Hampton Drug Store.

The third water stop and transition area for the relay is at the 15K mark by Wanamakers.

The fourth water stop is at the 19K mark by the Darlings Island Loop.

The finish of the half marathon is at The Potting Shed just past Hammond River.

The fifth water stop is just past the intersection at Gondola Point Road at approximately 25K.

The sixth water stop is at the end of  the Gondola Point Arterial at at about 29K.

The seventh water stop is at the 33K mark.

The eighth water stop is at the bottom of Clark Road at around 36K.

The ninth water stop is at the Riverside Golf Course at around 39K.